Ciao and Enjoy

Enjoy authentic Italian dishes at resonable prices.


At Osteria Pasqualino, we want to cater to your tastes with the best home-style cooking. Home is where the menu is.

Quality ingredients make exceptional meals. How do you define quality? We define quality by risk.

The San Marzano tomato grows in the soft soil off the cliffs on the shadowy side of Mount Vesuvius. In order to obtain the seeds of the tomato, mountain climbers repel off of a cliff to pluck the tomatoes from the vines. If the inherit danger of a fall were not enough, Mount Vesuvius could erupt at any moment, spewing, molten lava and a smoldering, hot dust called pumice. In the most famous evolution of its eruptions, Mount Vesuvius caused a thousand times the thermal damage of an atom bomb.

The climbers risk their lives to reach for this tomato. To reach for the sweetest and strongest flavored tomato. We ought to thank those who risked so much for our ingredients. You ought to enjoy the result!

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